Youth Ministry – 青少年事工

Youth Ministry



Welcome to CCIC LIFE (Living In Faith Everyday)! We are a youth group located at: 3200 Forbes Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95051


Growing together as the body of Christ, Grounded in the Word of the Lord, spreading by teaching and preaching the love and message of the Father by, in, and through the power of the Holy Spirit.


For each youth group member to have a personal encounter with the Savior, resulting in salvation and a life with Christ.


Biblical Teaching, Spiritual Development, Biblical-Based Leadership Training, Devotion to the Church Body, Christ-Centered Action

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The youth program is for teens (grades 6-12), and they learn more about God through fun and interactive ways! During Friday night services, there will often be guest speakers who teach lessons about difficult things in their daily lives, and how they can use God’s teachings to handle these obstacles. They start at 7:30 pm and end at 9:30 pm. Snacks will be provided

In Sunday services, the youth start at 9:30 am with bible study. They dive deep into the books of the bible and discuss them with each other. Following Bible study is worship, where they praise the Lord through singing songs. To end, there will be a speaker who preaches a lesson in the Bible and breaks it down in an interactive way with the youth. The youth end at around 12:15. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.


Because our church is still relatively new and we don’t have many youth members right now, everyone has important responsibilities and contributions. Some of these responsibilities are done at church while others can be outside of church. We work together to make every church service run smoothly!